Your commute is killing the enviroment.

Your Commute is Killing the Environment

If you’ve ever felt like commuting takes over your life, you aren’t alone. According to a report in TIME, the average American’s commute to work is nearly an hour per day. Whether you sit in your car for hours or stand wedged between strangers on the subway, the time spent getting to and from work… Read more »

Serendipity Labs Coworking Goes Corporate

Coworking Goes Corporate

Serendipity Labs was recently featured in an article on Bloomberg about the corporate shift to coworking. Employees of established companies like American Express, Amazon, GE and Heineken make up 45 percent of Serendipity Labs’ members. And they anticipate that number will increase as companies adapt to increasing worker demands for mobility and workplace choice. Whether it’s to provide a more… Read more »

Serendipity Labs Blog: It's harder than ever before to separate work and personal life.

The Upside of Work-Life Integration

It’s harder than ever before to separate work and personal life. By having 24/7 access to client emails on your smartphone and G-chatting with friends while at the office, today’s hyper-connected culture inevitably muddles the line between “on” and “off.” An article on Forbes recently sited a study that found 70% of employees work from alternative locations… Read more »

If you can choose where and when to work, and you have friends and peers that do the same, then why live for Saturday over every other day?

Why Coworking Promotes Coordinated Free Time — and Why It’s Good For You

Last month, the New York Times published an op-ed titled You Don’t Need More Free Time. The writer polled more than 500,000 respondents about their day-to-day emotions and found, week after week, the same unsurprising pattern: people’s feelings of well-being closely tracked the workweek. They were at their lowest Monday through Thursday, and highest on Saturday… Read more »

At Serendipity Labs Rye multi-tasking has become embedded in the way we live and work.

New Year’s Resolution #2: Be More Mindful at Work

Multi-tasking has become embedded in the way we live and the way we work. There’s the work we’re doing at our desks; a steady stream of texts, email alerts and reminders from our colleagues; and of course the realization toward the end of the workday that the transition to home life requires our attention. The… Read more »

Serendipity Labs Coworking making flexible work a reality.

New Year, New Worklife

New Year’s Resolution #1: Make Flexible Work A Reality As we enter a new year, we make promises for a better life — for professional successes, for stronger relationships with loved ones and with ourselves, for more happiness this year than the one before. I think it’s safe to say that a significant portion of… Read more »

The 37 story Centro Miami residential tower being built by Newgard Group in downtown Miami includes Serendipity Labs Coworking as a resident amenity.

The Residential Coworking Experience

Residential Coworking has Arrived Cranes are back in the skylines and new residential towers are being built to attract millennial buyers.   These buyers’ value 6×16 vibrancy, organic/sleek designs, and a sense of community, social responsibility, sustainability and work life balance.    To compete, developers are creating so-called live-work-play experiences with amenities and services like fitness centers, dedicated zip car services and now work lounges.  As a result of these… Read more »

Corporate workplace executives now have an eye on coworking as a platform for corporate innovation.

Eye on Corporate Coworking

Corporate workplace executives now have an eye on coworking as a platform for corporate innovation .   They often start by asking: “What exactly is coworking?” To answer broadly, the term “coworking” refers to any facility that commercially delivers workplace membership as a service.   How to use coworking as a platform for corporate innovation depends… Read more »


Coworking as a fully integrated service within hotels is still on its way to market.

Trends in Hospitality: Revving Up Workplace Services

Photo: | LOT-EK Image The need to satisfy the demands of smaller business groups has prompted leading hotel brands to capitalize on the coworking trend by creating more purpose-built workplace and meeting spaces. A recent study from New York University’s Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management states that business travelers are looking… Read more »

Google just shared plans for a reimagined headquarters campus, sealed in a climate controlled bubble, with movable buildings, self-driving cars, and indoor waterfalls that would make Willy Wonka blush.

Google’s Galapagos

Google’s Galapagos: Why Insular Headquarters Projects will Spur Echo-Chamber Innovation Any school kid knows that Apple and Google are the cool kids of tech companies.  School kids also know about the Galapagos Islands and that isolation from the world drove its spectacular variations in evolution. Unfortunately for pink iguanas and for companies, evolution in isolation… Read more »