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  • Perfect Settings for Off-sites, Lectures, Ideation Sessions, Social Events
  • All-Inclusive Catering and Beverage Service options
  • HD Video/Audio/Lighting
  • Delivered with World-class hospitality you can trust
“Wow! What an awesome venue in every way around every nook and cranny! Ingenious. Serendipity Labs was the perfect gathering place for us.”

Bonnie Cunningham – President of Meeting Planners International WestField Chapter

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What Our Members Say

Reid Genauer

At Serendipity Labs there’s more of personal touch, partly because they’re just great people, partly because of the layout, and partly because they strive for that.”

– Reid Genauer, Mobility Member


I love the ease and flexibility that comes with having this space available as needs arise. It is a beautiful, open, clean space that I enjoy entering each day I use it.”

– Patty Lennon, Mobility Member

Jeremy Fand

At first I thought it was too well designed to be functional. I’ve seen that happen a number of times. But the equipment and everything here works and fits. The general design is spectacular.”

– Jeremy Fand, Resident Member