Enable Your Workplace Strategy with Corporate Coworking

Support worker mobility with a strategy that can achieve real estate cost savings, increased worker productivity, improved employee satisfaction and sustainability.   Corporate coworking plans can satisfy your increasingly mobile workforce with flexible workplace membership plans that meet corporate workplace standards.

Extend Your Real Estate Platform -OnDemand

Serendipity Labs offers remote work/mobile worker solutions to ensure the success for your remote work program by addressing the needs of your internal constituents and your workforce:

  • Support Employees and Project Teams with OnDemand workplaces
  • Lower Costs and Free up Capital by Reducing Long Term Lease Obligations
  • Measure Activity and Compliance with full set of reports to achieve program goals
  • Satisfy Corporate Workplace Standards for Technical Security, Privacy, Safety

Companies across all industries trust Serendipity Labs to deliver workplace solutions; from financial services and health care to, consulting, technology and consumer products.    Ask about our Workplace Portability Program with central account management. Call 800.226.3678 for a free, mobile workplace strategy review.

Serendipity Labs has made the investment in infrastructure, systems, technology and real estate, for your mobility program so you don’t have to.

  • High Service Standards Our staff is well-trained to meet your standards for service. Lab Staff also ensure the comfort and safety of your team members.
  • Enterprise Class IT Technology is our strength, with enterprise class network security in place. Our technology is supported centrally, 24/7, to maintain service level agreements to your requirements.
  • Connected Community OASIS is our member management and network provisioning platform in the cloud. It allows central control of credentials for physical and network access, as well as activity reporting and centralized billing.
  • Sustainability and Wellness Pursuing Sustainability and Wellness are also important aspects of our designs, material selections and business processes. Lowering CO2 emissions can be documented by verifiable reports recording commute reduction.

Our Technology Platform

Successful management of workplace facilities requires a robust operating system and technology platform that can deliver a great user experience, along with centralized reporting for measurement and management. Serendipity Labs has invested in building an industry leading, technology platform for Operations, Administration, Sales, Interactivity, and Support (OASIS) specifically for managing remote work facilities and related programs.

OASIS includes the entire system of physical devices, software and network services… from access control, to phone service, to private network services, member management, financial management, payment processing and a resource reservation system. It can also provide your members/employees with seamless access to our network of affiliated workplaces to extend the reach of your program.


The OASIS System