Our member Etiquettes are in place to promote a safe, welcoming workplace community and are incorporated by reference into your member agreement or event contract.

  1. Treat other members, guests and staff as you would like to be treated.
  2. Check-in each time you enter the Lab with your credentials or ID.
  3. Sign-in your guests and invitees. You are responsible for them while at the Lab and you must be present while your guest is visiting the Lab.
  4. Guests of Mobility Members and Friend of the Lab Members must purchase a Day Pass unless invited to an event or meeting in a reserved meeting room.
  5. Guests of Resident and Coworking Members must purchase a Day Pass after 4 visits in any month, excluding visits when invited to an event or meeting in a reserved meeting room.
  6. Follow staff instructions immediately regarding house rules and matters of safety.
  7. Non-Resident Members may park at the Lab only when checked-in during regular business hours.
  8. Resident Members may park at the Lab for up to 6 hours, even if not present.
  9. Honor the workspace reservations you make, and notify us if you must cancel. Cancellation fees may apply as outlined in your confirmed reservation or event agreement.
  10. Leave workspaces as you found them, collecting and disposing of any debris.
  11. Do not solicit other members or guests.
  12. Speaker-phone use is not permitted except in reserve-able meeting rooms behind closed doors
  13. Please observe “Quiet Area” postings, keeping any conversations there hushed and brief.
  14. Reserve-able workspaces must be booked in advance of use.
  15. Retreats are available first-come first-served, and must be yielded after 90 minutes .
  16. Snacks and beverages are available self serve, on account, at posted rates.
  17. Lab Members are responsible for cleaning or repair costs arising from food or drink spills.
  18. Lab Staff Members are not permitted to receive gifts or tips, and you may not offer them.
  19. If Lab Staff cannot resolve a complaint to your satisfaction, Please call member support 800.226.3678
  20. Pets are not permitted, except for Service Animals.
  21. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Lab or on the property, including the parking areas.
  22. Visiting children must be mannerly and under your direct supervision at all times.
  23. Café Use: We may dispose of any food items left in the lab café refrigerator after business hours. Heating or cooking of food must not create strong odors, whether appetizing or not. Place dishes in dishwasher, not in sink. Staff will empty dishwasher. Cleaning charges may apply.
  24. To maintain a safe and welcoming workplace; use of profanity, viewing of pornography or sexually explicit material, intimidation, coercion, making unwelcomed sexual advances and visiting the Lab while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are prohibited. Members have a duty to report any such behavior to the Lab Manager or to Member Services at 800.226.3678.
  25. Cardboard boxes and other large recyclable materials must be broken down or tied and placed in the trash enclosure in accordance with City of Rye requirements.