– September 4, 2017

This past July, Serendipity Labs and UrWork announced a partnership to open a 34,000 square foot co-branded location in New York City.

Allwork reached out to Serendipity Labs’ CEO, John Arenas, to learn more about what’s behind the partnership and the various benefits that the joint venture will bring to both coworking brands. Not only did UrWork and Serendipity Labs increase their footprint by 34,000 square feet, they also created the second largest coworking network globally and opened various workspace doors (literally) for their members.

John Arenas explains why the joint venture path was the right decision and how it fits in with the coworking brand’s growth strategy.

Allwork: Why a Chinese joint venture, when your experience and business are in North America?
John Arenas: Serendipity Labs is building a network of flexible workplaces that large enterprises can utilize, in locations where they need to be. Many of our members’ business needs require them to have access to trusted coworking facilities around the world.

Our joint marketing agreement with UrWork gives our members immediate access to 78 locations in China. We were able to accomplish this without directly investing capital and energy in what can be a challenging market to break into.
We are already working with several of our member companies that need workplaces for their teams in China; likewise, UrWork has several companies that have expressed interest in Serendipity Labs’ US locations.

Source: Cecilia Amador, “Serendipity Labs’ John Arenas Opens Up About UrWork Joint Venture,”