By John Arenas | December 3, 2013

3 Amazing Ways to Create a Healthy Corporate Office

We’ve heard about nap rooms and standing desks, but there are myriad ways that companies today are making health a priority.

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We spend eight or more hours a day at work (being sedentary), so promoting health in the workplace is an important investment that a business should be making in its employees. More companies than ever before are providing fun and sweat-dripping activities. From physical activity and gym memberships to healthy team lunches, here are some of our favorite examples of healthy office perks:

1. Free Bikes
At Missy Farren’s PR firm, full-time employees get a brand-new Schwinn, Cannondale, or Mongoose bike to take on their commutes and home on weekends.

2. Rock Climbing
None other than the protein bar company Clif Bar installed a 40-foot climbing wall inside its Bay Area headquarters. To top it off, employees get 2.5 paid hours of workout time each week, which they can spend scaling it or taking advantage of a handful of other fitness opportunities offered on-site.

3. Office Pets
Bring-your-daughter-to-work Day has been swapped for the newly popular bring-your-dog-to-work policy. The steady growing trend is perhaps a response to a 2012 study that found that having your dog at the office could reduce stress and boost employee satisfaction.

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