Serendipity Labs was founded in 2011 with a vision to build a network of inviting, inspirational workplaces, combining state-of-the-art design, technology and security with the highest service level standards to deliver a consistent and peerless workplace experience through company-owned and managed locations in over 30 urban and suburban locations across the country.

Our development partners are invested in their local communities. They trust us to manage and operate upscale, professional flexible offices infused with hospitality that will animate their asset and help local businesses thrive.



Serendipity Labs is in the hospitality business, not the office rental business.

A Part of the Community

At Serendipity Labs, we strive to become part of the fabric of our communities.


Each Lab is imbued with vitality from a mix of events and programming – allowing for serendipitous interactions and helping members from various industries reach their fullest potential.


Our commitment to consistently delivering a first-class experience is what sets us apart.

Exceptional Service

Each Serendipity Labs workplace is staffed by members from the local community with a passion for hospitality and exceptional service.

Growing Network

Our network is growing through owned and managed locations in office buildings, high-rise residential projects, hotels and retail properties, with over 100 locations currently under development across the world.

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