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Real Estate Professionals

Occupiers that were once hesitant to enable flexibility are now searching for alternatives to keep employees safe, while also protecting their business. Bring your customers trusted solutions that are easy to execute, protect your long-term relationship, and help quickly regain your own sales momentum.  Here’s how:

Enhanced Service Levels & Operational Readiness

  • Unmatched Service and Safety: Ensure your client’s health and safety with contactless check-in and enhanced operational and individual service protocols
  • Security: Comply with strict corporate standards for any industry – including HIPAA, SOX, DoD and GDPR – through our enterprise-grade WiFi, encrypted printing, privacy panels on glass walls and sound attenuation in meeting rooms

Responsibly Designed Workspaces

  • Lower Density Workspace: With over 60% more space per person than our competition, members have plenty of room to roam. Full-size desks, (48 inch or larger), occupy offices and team rooms. Ample common areas with well-spaced seating arrangements, wide hallways, and low-capacity limits for each meeting room and worklounge are always standard.
  • Breathe Freely: Our workspaces are not ducted from office to office, and focus rooms and wellness rooms are built with full ventilation and fire alarm protection.

Distributed Workforce Management

  • Network: Our national network supports a distributed mobile workforce and retention of top talent with locations in major metropolitan areas, suburbs and secondary markets.
  • Flexibility: Each location offers a range of office options to support distributed teams. Dedicated team spaces in most labs are available for groups of less than 25, with custom options available for larger groups designed for ample “elbow room” and to allow for continued distancing.

Resilience & Continuity

  • Stability: Our responsible network growth plan comes from our experience navigating three economic shocks over the past 25 years. Read more about working with us, including our commission structure.
  • Agility: Rapidly enable your clients’ workplace strategy with offerings to reduce long-term lease liabilities and provide agility.
  • Accountability: Available reporting on utilization, safety, security and compliance provides accountability for distributed work programs.

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