By John Arenas | February 4, 2014

Does Your Workplace Trigger New Ideas?

The inherent diversity of coworking can be a boon to both initiating and refining new ideas.

I recently read a post in which a blogger said that coworking spaces are a great place for entrepreneurs because, if a member launches a new project, all the other members in the space are potential supporters and evangelists. It is true that coworking spaces, since their inception, have been a breeding ground for new ideas. It is also true that presenting and discussing a new concept for a solution, a product, a design, or any other business initiative among a professional community is a good way to get feedback and gain traction. But the value of a coworking community to new ideas goes beyond numbers; it is the type of support that its fellow members can provide.

At Serendipity Labs, we target the entire corporate structure — companies (of all sizes), startups, remote workers, and freelancers—because we believe that the strongest working community is one that is truly diverse.

With professionals of varying industries and skill sets comes a well-rounded outlook that the standard work environment cannot always offer. When presenting an idea to this type of audience, one is more likely to gain the feedback of a potential user or client, as well as that of a businessperson, marketer, designer, and technician with greater experience or a fresher takeaway. Yes, a coworking community can launch a new idea with its manpower, but it can also lead to more developed and honed ideas—and with that, greater confidence when presenting them.

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