By John Arenas | May 13, 2014

Office Features of the Future

The U.S. Government is beginning to overhaul their offices with efficient workspaces and more flexible structures.

In 2013 they put the finishing touches on the General Services Administration headquarters, which will serve as precedent for future remodels of government buildings.

This detailed graphic explains the changes government employees can expect to see over the next ten years. First, environmental efforts will include features like solar panels, rainwater cisterns and high-efficiency air systems. When it comes to security, offices will offer assigned lockers with keypad combinations that allow space for storing personal items, files and laptops.

Other additions will include features that mirror coworking spaces. For one, office space will be provided on an as-needed basis. Additionally, conference rooms will be available through an online booking system, and employees will share workstations. While they’ve only revealed their structural plans, it seems that the government is preparing for a more flexible, telecommuter friendly scheduling system.

Considering the number of corporations moving in this direction, the change wouldn’t be too surprising. Allowing staff members to telecommute not only saves companies money, but also makes their employees happy, thereby increasing retention rates. Also, job seekers everywhere are looking for flexible opportunities that allow telework. For further food for thought on the more flexible future, check out “Facing Down Face Time” to learn more about how companies are adapting to address the needs of employees.

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