By John Arenas | November 5, 2013

A Simple, Powerful Solution to Workplace Complacency and Stagnation

Workplace Diversity #3: Fresh Faces

People communicate better when they have to make an effort.

Consider the new hire. Whenever a new employee starts, other people in the office suspend their lazy morning greetings to engage in more meaningful conversation. They’ll ask questions or share humorous anecdotes about their commutes; commiserate over weekend chores, and relish weekend pleasures. Fresh faces also bring a fresh perspective to the officeOne Simple, Powerful Solution to Workplace  culture and responsibilities.

Luckily, companies don’t need to rely on new hires to provide a boost of positivity. Inviting a few new people into the office—either by offering an exchange program with other branches of the company or by subleasing to another small company or startup—can boost productivity and motivation. To the subconscious, new people signals growth and a more optimistic view of a company’s mission; it equips workers with a greater drive to do well.

Organize group lunches or bring in breakfast while newcomers are in town to boost morale and get people talking. Smaller companies might opt for shacking up with another small company long-term, or try a co-working space like Serendipity Labs where there is a diverse community of people to engage and learn from.

Of course, coworking opportunities for corporate employees naturally provide a steady stream of fresh faces and new interactions!

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