By John Arenas | October 9, 2013

Easiest Way to Organize Your Office? Think Tetris

Workplace Wednesday: Zone Out

Maintaining an organized office is like playing a game of Tetris: Documents pile up, and as we scramble to find space, a folder slips out and papers flood the floor. So today, we’re testing out something called zoning.

Consider the way a city is divided (or “zoned”) into neighborhoods. Everything has a set place in the larger community; there’s no such thing as “miscellaneous.” Office supplies can be organized similarly.

Here are some categorical suggestions we liked from around the web, but feel free to be creative:

  • References: Filing cabinet, shelves, binders
  • Supplies: Closet, shelves or drawers
  • Reading folder: Printed articles or documents you want to read that aren’t urgent.
  • Meeting folder: All “items to be discussed, handed off, reports that need to be given, etc.
  • Waiting on Response folder: Items that are on hold until someone else responds or acts.

Notice how the mind homes in on specific tasks while operating within their zones and how it adjusts from one area to another. Try tackling one zone today, and report back!


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