Emerging Stronger, Together

We stand ready to help your business regain momentum in our trusted, safe and welcoming workplaces. ​

From the beginning, we’ve designed the member experience for a distributed workforce. Knowledge workers who decide how and where they want to work have trusted Serendipity Labs to provide an upscale alternative to other providers, while corporate customers rely on us to deliver best-in-class service around the country. Here’s why it matters even more now:

Unmatched Service and Safety:

Touchless check-in and health screening protocols, reservable worklounge seating areas that maintain social distancing, private well ventilated day offices, deskside delivery of snacks and beverages, and continuous quality walk-throughs.

Lower Density Workspace:

Our members enjoy offices and team rooms with full size desks. With over 60% more space per person than our competition, our members have plenty of room to roam within each location with ample common areas and wide hallways. We maintain low capacity limits for each meeting room and worklounge too.

A Professional Membership Base:

We attract members who are trusted and have significant responsibility. At an average age of 41, they travel, have meetings outside the office and work at other places, resulting in utilization rates of less than 50%, based on internal studies.

Our Commitment. Your Trust. Together, We'll Emerge Stronger.

Recovery Resources

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