By John Arenas | March 17, 2014

The Most Environmental Skyscraper in North America

The modern workplace is a sustainable workplace.

A quick yet somewhat quiet race is in progress in the global architectural community, as  architects all over the world are competing to build the most sustainable, environmentally friendly skyscrapers for people to work in.

The Bank of America Tower, at One Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan, stands among the most environmentally advanced towers on the planet. As the first skyscraper in North America to attain an LEED Platinum certification, the Bank of America Tower harbors numerous prominent occupants. And in addition to a long list of favorable features, the tower boasts its very own glass-enclosed subway entrance. As a New Yorker, what more could you want?

If the indoor garden doesn’t do it for you, maybe an avant-garde playhouse that recreates the intimacy of the original Henry Miller’s Theatre will suit your taste. The original layout has been converted to seat up to 1,000 audience members.

There’s nothing more innovative than combining rich history with modern luxury.

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