By John Arenas | March 27, 2014

Meetings: Walk, Don’t Sit.

The number of hours you spend sitting each day is alarming, especially when compared with the time you spend exercising or sleeping.

Nilofer Merchant explains in her TED talk how she combats this sitting epidemic by combining exercise and work. You may be concerned about the exercise part, but not to worry, if you have two legs you can certainly take advantage of this technique. Really, it’s a no brainer. Merchant suggests taking a walk each time you conduct a one-on-one meeting. Many studies reveal how walking increases blood flow and oxygen levels, therefore, jump starting your brain.

Not only will your clients be impressed by your ideas, they will be thanking you for getting them out of their chairs and into the fresh air. Check out “Your Office May Be Killing You” for more ideas on how to banish sedentary work habits.

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