By John Arenas | May 9, 2014

Facing Down Face Time

Rarity increases value. That goes for face time, too.

Is face time still a major part of moving up in your company? Studies suggest that in spite of increases in the amount of organizations that allow you to work from home, putting in a little eye-to-eye effort may still help in the way of promotions.

Does this mean flexibility is an issue because it detracts from that experience? Only if you don’t see the possibilities of a complete communication channel work life. Regardless, the face time issue is one we should face sooner rather than later to understand how to provide better for employees without holding back their advancement.

Michael Giardina of Employee Benefits News explains how HR professionals are the change agents in developing innovative benefits options for their organizations. Many studies reveal that benefits plans offering flexible work schedules are highly sought after by job seekers. Likewise, a national survey of one thousand employers disclosed motivations for changing work arrangements. As it turns out, 35 percent of employers said they offer flexible schedules to increase employee retention rates.

The good news is, if you’re a recent grad or just re-entering the workforce, you may be pleasantly surprised with the changes being made in many organizations. For one, leadership tactics are changing as bosses are beginning to retire the iron fist. On the other hand, some companies like W.L. Gore & Associates are completely redefining the workplace hierarchy for the better.

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