By John Arenas | October 18, 2013

Corporate + Entrepreneur = Google

With all the talk over Google’s progressive office culture, we almost need to remind ourselves of its function: The ability to pack a world’s-worth of information into one user-friendly interface, which millions of people rely on daily.

Recently, Google decided to give seven startups the key to those invaluable resources, including access to its internal financial and technical support, its products, and to its experts, all as a part of a new program called Google for Entrepreneurs.

Not unlike the New York Times’ initiative, timeSpace, Google is employing coworking spaces to enact the new network. The corporation says its hope is to help entrepreneurship flourish in communities around the world. (The company does work in more than 100 countries).

We, too, believe the entrepreneurial spirit is best entwined with the corporate environment. If Google’s concept can help entrepreneurs, startups, and independent globe-trotting professionals, their missions have the potential to impact communities – corporate and otherwise – and create economic opportunities far and wide.


Above: Google headquarters in Switzerland.

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