By John Arenas | October 15, 2013

How to Put Off Procrastinating

While the flexible schedule that comes with working outside of a traditional office is appealing for many reasons, it is easy to be lured by our arch nemesis, procrastination.

While everyone gets distracted, when there is one person running the show (as with any independent businessperson), guess who is responsible if the work doesn’t get done?

Last week, Paul Jarvis, a contributing writer at Good, offered his tips on staying focused while working for himself—and enjoying it in the meantime. Here are a few that we found exceptionally insightful:

  • Just Start. Start in small steps (with little to no money on the line). Every huge idea can be boiled down to a smaller prototype. Start there, and start now.
  • Launching is Better Than Perfecting. Getting something—anything—out the door is the most important part. Make it great, sure. But acknowledge where great leads to diminishing returns.
  • Busy-ness Does Not Equal Productivity. The more you are present and focused, the quicker the work gets done.


See the full list here.

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