All About Me—Writing a Bio for Your Website About Page

When we write about our passions, the words flow easily. But when asked to write about ourselves? …Nothing comes to mind. If you’ve been putting off writing a bio for your website About page, then join Serendipity Labs Frisco and Jeanette the Writer for a special Zoom presentation on Tuesday, July 28th at 1pm CT. You’ll learn what an About page really does for your business, the fundamental pieces of a compelling bio, and how to show your personality to better connect with prospective clients. Participants will walk away knowing that their business is all about them!

Presented by Jeanette the Writer

Date / Time

July 28, 2020
01:00:00 PM - 01:30:00 PM CT

Hosted by Serendipity Labs

Frisco - HALL Park


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