Boost Your Benefits with TriNet

Serendipity Labs is excited to introduce a new member benefit giving you the opportunity to receive significant savings off of HR Services for your team! TriNet supports small to mid-size companies by providing an instant HR infrastructure that streamlines administration of payroll, access to Fortune 500 benefits offering, worker’s comp, and employer compliance in a scalable way to contain costs. If you’re a founder and don’t need HR just yet, TriNet can still help with benefits!

Your company immediately receives a discount on all cost and will be eligible for:
1. Fortune 100 benefits
2. Risk and compliance protection
3. Payroll outsourcing
4. Fortune 100 HRIS platform and onboarding
5. HR and Legal hotline support for no additional cost.

Please take a look at this 3 min video below for a quick summary of what TriNet can do to change your business and promote growth immediately:

Join us as we introduce our local TriNet Liaison, Lindsey Zai to elaborate on the new service package and answer your questions. If you’re in the Frisco Lab, enjoy a complimentary lunch in the cafe before the virtual session begins. All participants will have the chance to win great trivia prizes for attending!

Serendipity Labs HR Benefits Program

Presented by Lindsey Zai

Date / Time

September 17, 2020
12:00:00 PM - 12:45:00 PM CT

Hosted by Serendipity Labs

Frisco - HALL Park


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