Fear is a Gift, Learn Why.

Presented by Calvin Orr II

Do we have similarities? Were you not raised in an affluent environment? Did your parents separate? Were you not a magna (or any of the cum laudes) graduate from college? Yet, have you overcome obstacles? Do you at times sometimes find yourself mentally “stuck” trying to overcome others obstacles – particularly fear? If you fit any of those descriptions then we have some similarities. In this 30 minute session you will 1) most importantly cultivate a new relationship 2) Learn how to hack your brain by leveraging your own personal story to overcome mental barriers to your success 3) leave with guiding principles that will direct you to discover a greater sense of yourself.  

Calvin Orr II, Chief Executive Officer at Stoëx and College Coach at Beyond 12, in this webinar will leave you feeling inspired to begin the process of developing a different relationship with fear. Calvin will show you through his personal story how he established his own principles and used those principles to transform his perception of fear and thus transformed his life.

If you value authenticity, if you know within yourself there is a capacity to do things which you may not be doing now, If you are determined to realize, over time, the incredibly creative power of all human beings, then I have one question for you. Will you join me September 19, 2020 at 1pm. As we learn how to perceive fear as a gift – then leverage it to discover more of our potential.

Presented by Calvin Orr II, CEO at Stoëx

Date / Time

September 18, 2020
01:00:00 PM - 02:00:00 PM ET

Hosted by Serendipity Labs

Atlanta - Cumberland Vinings


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