How to Implement Difficult Change to Survive and Succeed

Date / Time

February 23, 2021

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm ET

Hosted by Serendipity Labs


Some changes are more difficult than others to implement. Human beings are wired to resist change, and research has shown that there is a continuum of likely responses when people are confronted with the need to do things differently. Some individuals are introspective, comfortable being vulnerable, and open to needed changes. Others can be resistant, conflict avoidant, argumentative, defensive, lack commitment to needed growth, or simply not see the need for change.
Fortunately, the last 12 years of brain science research has discovered we can teach an old dog new tricks! Our brains have more plasticity that scientists originally thought – the key is to understand the steps our brains need to go through to adopt changes in behavior, responses, and thought patterns. During this virtual workshop you will learn why people resist change and the steps to take to get unstuck. We will cover how to dig down to root cause and craft the outrageously important behavioral goals that enable us to finally achieve our most important objectives. This approach works for anyone needing to make changes – you can take steps to make difficult change simpler! Our focus will be on the changes required to pivot your business or career in order to survive the current ever changing business climate and the uncertain months ahead.

Susan Vogel , Founder of SB Vogel Consulting, is a business consultant, strategist and change facilitation coach. Her expertise lies in making difficult change simple for her clients. She is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses take control of their success, often by helping them get unstuck and out of their own way. Susan is an active listener whose goal is to positively impact her clients both professionally and personally. She is tenacious in her approach, a creative problem solver, and an astute diagnostician.

Susan Vogel | Founder of SB Vogel Consulting

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