How to meet 1,000 People at Lunch

Maximize your network for success

Networking is a critical life skill and can help your further your objectives whether they are career, social, philanthropic, business development and so much more. Kathy Boyle is referred to as the epitome of Malcolm Gladwell’s “connector” in his book, The Tipping Point.

Kathy shares her tips and strategies with her audiences to help them define their goals, choose the best venues to meet those goals and practice effective rules of engagement for networking success.

You will walk away energized with a deeper understanding of how to maximize your current and future networks to accomplish whatever it is you wish to do in life. Kathy has built several businesses simply via her connections and will share inspiring stories as well as tips on how to best connect and increase your circle of connections for success.

Kathy Boyle on the go was launched to share strategies and techniques Kathy Boyle learned in building her own successful consulting practice and other businesses. In addition to operating her own business, Kathy has worked as a consultant with numerous entrepreneurs in many different industries. Through her business, succession and estate planning consulting practice, she has learned what entrepreneurs do right….and where they make mistakes. Kathy has condensed the essence of these lessons learned into techniques and strategies to help business owners, professionals and salespeople grow, succeed and prosper. She speaks from experience as both a business owner as well as a consultant working closely with other business owners. She has “tested in the trenches” ideas and solutions to challenges people face as they build their practices or businesses and interact with peers and co-workers.

Kathy Boyle on the go

Date / Time

December 16, 2020
04:00:00 PM - 05:00:00 PM ET

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