Inside the Artist's Mind: with Jacqueline Doyle Allison

Date / Time

November 20, 2020

12:00 pm - 12:45 am ET

Hosted by Serendipity Labs

In this presentation, we’ll explore the artist’s process, and how art can give you a sense of joy and harmony, as well as set the tone for your space and your mindset.

Jacqueline Doyle Allision is an abstract painter, who was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She lives in the mountains of north Georgia, where she has her studio. Jacqueline received a BS in graphic design and fine art from Middle Tennessee State University. Her paintings have been widely shown in juried solo and group exhibitions in the US. She is the recipient of international awards, including finalist in the UNESCO 2015 Bioethics Art Competition.

Through her paintings, Jacqueline wants to convey her joy and happiness in being alive after surviving a life-threatening illness. It is very important to her to use her art to express a delight with life and evoke the freedom and wonder of a renewed sense of well-being, as well as offering inspiration and hope.

Presented by Artist: Jacqueline Allison and Curator: Denise Jackson

Jacqueline Allison: Artist
Denise Jackson: Curator

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