Risk Assessment: Identifying Threats and Developing Mitigations

Date / Time

March 9, 2021

5:00 pm - 5:45 pm ET

Hosted by Serendipity Labs

Businesses face external threats whether they operate on Main Street or on a global basis. The majority of startups fail to develop a risk assessment when preparing funding documents, yet 100% of investors and bankers require them. In this seminar, we examine the basic external threats startups must address and suggest mitigations for the most common. We also examine Black Swans, unpredictable and highly improbable events, and show how even startups are able to prepare for the worst.

Speaker Bio: Brenda Lewis is the owner of Transactions Marketing, Inc. (TMI), (www.transactionsmarketing.com), a 39-year-old venture management firm focused on the launch and funding of enterprise mission critical software, systems and services. TMI owns and operates TechXel Stamford (https:/ / techxelstamford.com/), a B2B tech accelerator. Prior to starting TMI, Brenda spent 15 years in systems and marketing at Exxon International, Marine Management Systems, Inc. and Pechiney Ugine Kuhlman. On a pro bono basis, Brenda is a charter organizer of Kauffman Foundation’s One Million Cups/ Stamford and a judge for the annual Draper Competition for Collegiate Women.

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