Take Back Your Life

There is a fundamental difference between having and being. The achievement of wealth is supposed to result in the extraordinary happiness of our lives.  The dream of being masters of our lives ended up awakening us to the fact that many have simply sold their lives to highest bidder in order to become a cog in a bureaucratic machine.

We are a notoriously unhappy people:  lonely, anxious, depressed, destructive that delight in the pleasure we derive from wasting the very time we try so hard to save.

There is a need for profound change.  Now is the time for that change.  It is time for an awakening.  This is the moment that you stop, listen to your inner voice that is trying to direct you to what is important.  It is time for you to Take Back Your Life.  Click to register for this LINC presentation hosted by Greg Duckworth from Frisco, TX.

Greg Duckworth

Date / Time

December 10, 2020
12:00:00 PM - 01:00:00 PM CT

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