Tools to Create a Plan for Your Financial Freedom

Date / Time

June 23, 2021

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CT

Hosted by Serendipity Labs

St. Louis - Clayton

Melva Paden Moore was born in St.Louis, MO.  After years of working in the accounting and finance industry, November 2008, she began Professional Income Tax Services, LLC.  At 40 years old, she  received a Bachelors in Accounting from The University of Phoenix. After graduating, she immediately enrolled at Webster University where she began a dual degree program where she obtained a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters of Science in Finance. This new passion for finance revealed two things. One is the lack of financial literacy in underserved communities. Second, her real purpose, to teach financial literacy.

This inspired the launch FinOp Consulting Group, LLC. We take a holistic approach in understanding barriers to properly engaging in compounding your money and creating financial stability for the future. We offer tools to create your process and then become accountability partners, offering resources and support, to achieve your financial goals. Our mission is to help our community create generational wealth.

Melva Paden Moore

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