By John Arenas | December 27, 2013

6 Easy Tips to More Energy & Less Stress

From the mundane to the profound, a range of simple methods to lower frustration and raise our game.

Most business professionals are juggling many tasks at once. In order to tackle each one most efficiently, we must go in to each day with a clear and focused mind. The key to this may lie in our daily routines.

The Daily Muse posted an infographic on six things everyone can do as a part of their morning and evening routines to save time and stress. The list covers everything from laying out clothing in the morning to strategizing the daily To-Do list to begin the day with enough momentum to sustain a productive day.

What struck us most, however, are the things we often neglect to do for ourselves. This one in particular stands out:

Forgive Yourself: Benjamin Franklin had a habit of examining his day as one of the last items he did in a very productive schedule. Do the same to not only pat yourself on the back for anything you accomplished, but also to forgive yourself for any mistakes you made, or problems you caused. Think of what you learned from what happened, capture the lesson and let go of the bad feeling.

The more time we spend worrying and replaying what went wrong, the more we rob ourselves of valuable time to start the next big thing. If you find this difficult, try these 10 tips to clear your mind before venturing into a new day.

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