By John Arenas | October 23, 2013

Simple Fixes for Work Habits That May be Killing You

Workplace Wednesday: Health & Wellness

Over the last few years, studies have linked working long hours to unhealthy habits and an overall decline in health. In case you’ve missed these memos, here’s a quick recap:

People with sitting jobs have twice rate of cardiovascular disease than standing jobs; and even if you dedicate one hour a day to exercise, you still can’t compensate for 11-hour sitting sprees.

While we can’t control the reliance on computers to do 90-percent of our work, we can help battle some of the negative health effects of long-term chair time by providing workspaces in which people are free to utilize a multitude of seating and standing arrangements to do their work as well as ample areas to take breaks.

In the meantime, we thought this short video does a great job at illustrating of how we can be healthier at work. Some of the key things to note are posture while sitting and the importance of getting up and moving your body as often as possible.

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