By John Arenas | May 7, 2014

Best New Workplace Seating Concept: The CrossChair

Standing desks have been hot lately. But ergonomics as a whole is a growing field with a wide variety of solutions to varying problems.

Meet CrossChair, the chair that allows you to change your sitting formation as needed, when needed. It’s a whole new way to think about sitting, especially when at work.

The CrossChair transforms from a standard office chair, into a V-shaped seat with a footrest that allows users to sit cross-legged. This not only reduce fatigue and back pain, it actually promotes flexibility and good posture.

What, you haven’t sat in that position in years? Not to worry, the adjustable footrest allows people at all levels of flexibility to sit comfortably.

The CrossChair is one of many designs competing in the ever-growing office ergonomics market. To learn more about the CrossChair or to back the product, check it out on KickStarter.

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