By John Arenas | April 24, 2014

Superdesk! A Coworker’s Paradise

Almost every office space offers open areas where people can collaborate and share ideas.  However, very few feature one continuous desk for all of their employees.

This 1,100 foot long desk was designed to flow throughout the entire office and accommodate New York-based Barbarian Group’s 125 employees. The arches built throughout the structure lead to conference rooms and are designed so employees can find some privacy.

While this beautiful structure cost a pretty penny at $300,000, it still competes with top of the line cubicle designs. Realistically, when all the departments at your company are communicating with the greatest ease, it will be worth it. The desk spans a variety of heights so employees can choose their spot depending on whether they prefer to stand or sit. Ultimately, Clive Wilkinson’s Superdesk allows users the luxury of doing whatever feels right at the time.

Overall, the Superdesk concept opens up endless possibilities for the Coworking world. While extroverts may benefit most from this design, the desk features hideaways for introverts who need their privacy, too.

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