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Recovery Resources: Forecasts for Returning to Work Post COVID-19

While remote workers and businesses look to return to the workplace, recovery is not a straightforward endeavor. Employees must feel safe and valued in their workplace, and businesses must be proactive with their leasing obligations and effective use of technology. Will executives feel more comfortable about their teams working remotely? Will reduced business travel continue… Read more »

What will your next workspace look like?

For many of you, you’ve recently been thrown into the deep end of a remote-working environment.  No gradual transition, no training, no choice.  For some professional Americans, time management has been optimized by evading a long commute, comfortable work from home setups, or flexible hours.  For others, it’s simply been a disaster trying to balance… Read more »

12 Sound Resources to Maintain Your Mental and Physical Health

The Coronavirus has permeated our neighborhoods and our consciousness. It is only natural to experience worry, strain, and anxiety during this unique disruption to our work-life routine. In order to adjust to this (temporary) new normal, your mental health depends on staying alert yet calm, balanced yet flexible. During these times of unexpected quarantine, those… Read more »

9 of Our Favorite Resources to Help You Work Remotely

At Serendipity Labs, supporting employees is at the heart of what we do. Even facing this truly unprecedented situation, there are several ways to effectively interact with your colleagues and efficiently produce quality work. Whether you’re new to remote working, interested in tips to avoid distraction, or simply feeling isolated from your team, Serendipity Labs… Read more »

7 Trustworthy Resources to Help You Manage Your Remote Team

Creating an organization-wide plan in the event of a health emergency seems unimportant until it is critical in real time.  Add an unexpected mandate for remote working, and additional challenges are added to communication, process, and time management. In theory, you know setting clear expectations, engaging your employees, and providing constant feedback for remote teams… Read more »

Reputation Management: Where You Work Can Be Just As Important As How

As every successful executive knows, building your professional reputation takes time, patience and a significant investment, from schooling to long work days to becoming a networking master. But in these days of remote work and mobile offices, it’s important to remember that where you work can become just as important of a statement of success… Read more »

Say Adios to the Office: Are Office Assets Going the Way of Retail?

Why Shifting Workforce Needs Demand New Investment Strategies The term Retail Apocalypse would have seemed like hype just a few years ago, but a mere 5% shift in consumer buying behavior to online purchases since 2013 has taken revered retailers to their knees or worse, including 9 prominent bankruptcies, all during a period of economic… Read more »

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