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Reputation Management: Where You Work Can Be Just As Important As How

As every successful executive knows, building your professional reputation takes time, patience and a significant investment, from schooling to long work days to becoming a networking master. But in these days of remote work and mobile offices, it’s important to remember that where you work can become just as important of a statement of success… Read more »

Say Adios to the Office: Are Office Assets Going the Way of Retail?

Why Shifting Workforce Needs Demand New Investment Strategies The term Retail Apocalypse would have seemed like hype just a few years ago, but a mere 5% shift in consumer buying behavior to online purchases since 2013 has taken revered retailers to their knees or worse, including 9 prominent bankruptcies, all during a period of economic… Read more »

Don’t Play Games When it Comes to Your Safety and Security

Our list of the top 5 things you should ask your coworking provider about your personal safety and data security. With upwards of 30% of the US workforce now able to choose where and when they work (at least part of the time), it’s more important than ever to choose a workplace wisely. While many… Read more »

What Uber Can Tell Us About the Future Workplace

It was only a few years ago that people had to call a cab in advance — sometimes an hour in anticipation of when they would want to be picked up to ensure they’d get a ride. Then Uber came along and changed things for good. By offering cab service whenever and wherever customers needed, they… Read more »

What does hospitality mean in coworking?

“Hospitality” — what does that word mean to you when you’re looking for somewhere to work or to establish your place of business? The word conjures up the feeling you get at your favorite upscale hotel, where you can expect a friendly greeting, an offer to take your bags, a clean lobby, and a helpful… Read more »

Switching your Location Will Make You Better at Your Job

Humans are supremely adaptable, but there’s no escaping that we’re products of our environment. It’s why we put so much effort into finding and decorating the right home, push our kids to get into the right schools, or spend months picking a wedding venue. The same is true of work. We work differently if we’re locked… Read more »

Coworking Takes Hold with Corporate Occupiers: Disrupts Real Estate

The rise of the coworking movement is not just changing the way that startups work, it’s disrupting the entire commercial real estate industry as companies of all sizes are now demanding more flexibility-  instead of traditional long term lease commitments.  Office occupancy costs make up the second largest expense for most companies, so limiting long term commitments… Read more »

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