By John Arenas | October 16, 2013

These Brain Exercises May Actually Work

Workplace Wednesday: Cognitive Cardio

We’re well-accustomed to the benefits of a midday workout on work performance, but exercise designed to engage cognitive muscles provide a similar boost without breaking a sweat.

Like any other muscle, the brain requires exercise in order to give its most optimal performance.

San Francisco web company Lumosity, in combination with neuroscience and cognitive psychology experts from Stanford and UC Berkeley, have developed the first program to help people improve mental sharpness.  The brain-training program is said to evolve and increase resistance in areas where the user excels.

Similarly, Sporcle sets timed quizzes on geography, history, mathematics, and verbal skills, to name a few, that engage cognitive and memory skills. Whenever the brain is forced to recall information while under a time crunch (like working on a deadline), adrenaline kicks in and spills over into the next task. So next time your mind starts to wander, try taking five minutes to play a game.

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