By John Arenas | December 4, 2013

Top 3 Features of an Inspiring Workplace

Workplace Wednesdays: How to create an inspiring office environment

To adapt the workplace to the new nature of work, we must look at the office as an extension of the home. The place you spend your days should—to some extent—be a reflection of the places you escape to. No matter the style, design, or location, an inspiring and motivating work environment is incumbent upon a few steadfast details.

1. Bright lighting.

Anyone who has tried to work in a dark café, bar, or other dark space knows how difficult it is to stay focused—especially when faced with the computer screen backlight. We love these examples because they maximize the effect of natural light by sticking to white and other light colors and windows. If you don’t have access to windows, see that there is a good light source above you—preferably an incandescent bulb, as fluorescents can tire you out just as much as a dimly lit room.

2. Contained chaos.

Ample storage is worth investing in, especially for those who require a lot of equipment or supplies. You want your work to surround and motivate you, but too much clutter can be cause for unnecessary distraction. Try open storage bins, long tables that double for work and entertaining, and—even in the smallest of spaces—a separate nook for brainstorming. We are most diligent when breaks are within reach.

3. Minimalist design, with flair.

Ditch the metal filing cabinet. While it’s important to keep an organized workspace, it should be lived aligned with one’s passions and hobbies. Whether it’s an inspirational quote, a work of art, a windowsill herb garden, or a poster of a sports team, a daily reminder of the things that we love will fuel the fire.

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