The Top 2 Factors for Effective Networking

According to Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, there are two major tools required for being a better networker:

1. access to resources, and
2. abandon your agenda.

Aim to help and connect other people before looking for something in exchange. The person who is known for connecting others ends up being top-of-mind when opportunity strikes in the future.

Shared workplaces provide access to resources and spaces designed for fortuitous encounters, so the master networker can thrive.

Superdesk! A Coworker’s Paradise

Almost every office space offers open areas where people can collaborate and share ideas.  However, very few feature one continuous desk for all of their employees.

This 1,100 foot long desk was designed to flow throughout the entire office and accommodate New York-based Barbarian Group’s 125 employees. The arches built throughout the structure lead to conference rooms and are designed so employees can find some privacy.

While this beautiful structure cost a pretty penny at $300,000, it still competes with top of the line cubicle designs. Realistically, when all the departments at your company are communicating with the greatest ease, it will be worth it. The desk spans a variety of heights so employees can choose their spot depending on whether they prefer to stand or sit. Ultimately, Clive Wilkinson’s Superdesk allows users the luxury of doing whatever feels right at the time.

Overall, the Superdesk concept opens up endless possibilities for the Coworking world. While extroverts may benefit most from this design, the desk features hideaways for introverts who need their privacy, too.

Millennials in the Workplace: Corporate Survival Skills

Cultivating innovation and creativity are keys to success for leading Millennials. It can start with the workplace itself.

Finding the right mix between encouraging learning and growth within an organization while still providing enough direction to keep the entity on course remains the biggest leadership challenge facing anyone seeking to harness the energy and enthusiasm of America’s youngest, largest and most diverse generation of workers.

Although strategic direction will still come from the leaders of organizations in the future, new work processes and behaviors need to embrace the bottom-up approach to solving problems that Millennials, born between 1982 and 2003, favor.

Part of the answer to this challenge is to provide work environments that simultaneously reflect the vision and values of the organization’s leadership while aligning the organization’s purpose with the desire of Millennials to find ways of working together to change the world for the better.

Implementing such a strategy, however, requires transforming the world of work from cubicles to creativity and from hierarchy to democracy.

In order to bring organizations in line with Millennials’ desire to work in a consensual, participative, collaborative culture, leaders will need to learn how to “coordinate and cultivate” their organizations, rather than “command and control” them.


Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. — Pablo Picasso

Inspiration has always had an air of romance, personified best by the nightingale that swoops down to John Keats in his famous ode. Inspiration does come to us in — what often seem like — fleeting moments, but as the quote from the great 20th century painter Pablo Picasso implies, that does not mean that there is no effort  required in the process. Great ideas and opportunities for success do not deliver themselves at your door. Both Keats and Picasso worked tirelessly at their crafts, and only a fraction of that work is celebrated by the public.

Be inspired, and take the opportunity to reflect, experiment, and see where inspiration takes you — but work at it. If you’re questioning your efforts, check out the following video on achieving success. It’s inspiring!

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