By John Arenas | April 30, 2014

The New Office Must-Haves: Flexible, Sustainable, Adaptable

Workplace Wednesday: Agile OFIS in Houston

As the economy improves, many businesses are experiencing exponential growth. And while progress is never a bad thing, it requires resources. In some situations, rapid growth is unexpected, and businesses can’t afford to pass up a great opportunity because of a lack of space.

Agile OFIS is a Houston based company that provides office solutions that are sustainable, innovative and, most importantly, flexible. Specifically, they design spaces comprised of DIRTT walls. The wall elements allow for seamless mounting of countless materials that can be removed without causing damage. More importantly, the walls can go up in a matter of days—and come down just as quickly. Moreover, once a company finds a new space, the walls travel with them and can be reconfigured to fit the new design.

ICE technology is the software that allows customers to plan their space from the ground up. The program gives customers a digital tour of exactly what the space will look like. In addition, the design elements are stored and can be reconfigured when a company is ready to make changes. If management is wondering how DIRTT solutions will measure up to traditional construction, ICEberg serves as a reliable cost-comparison tool.

As corporate culture evolves, sustainability continues to take precedence as a business goal. Much is wasted with traditional construction and transporting costly materials makes its own carbon footprint. Financially, DIRTT solutions save companies time and money by expediting construction. As a team, DIRTT and ICE components allow customers to design their dream office without breaking the bank or damaging the environment.

While corporations are becoming more flexible when it comes to workplace culture, there is still room for growth in physical structure. Make sure to check out “Sitting is the New Smoking” or “Superdesk-A Coworker’s Paradise” for other ways to make your office space more flexible.

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