By John Arenas | September 20, 2013

Work on Display: Two

Workplaces are becoming showplaces for companies that want to be seen as innovative.

Though the pop art–themed office at ad agency Weiden + Kennedy was a creative experiment rather than a true workplace alternative, these 28 workspaces are currently in use at companies around the world– including, indeed, the Weiden + Kennedy office in Portland (above).

Talk about inspiration. If there’s one thing that’s common to all these remarkable workplaces, it’s the unmistakable impression of the belief that place really does influence work – creativity, productivity, insight and output are all real-world payoffs from thoughtful investment in the workplace environment.

“You want conventional work?” these companies seem to be saying, “then provide conventional workplaces.” If, on the other hand, you want game-changing ideas from the best and the brightest…


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