By John Arenas | December 5, 2013

What Your Workplace is Doing to Your Brain

Success in today’s workforce requires both sides of the brain.

We read recently that you’ll only find work and success in the 21st century by exploring where your creativity and technology intersect. It occurred to us that while the presence of technology has been widely accepted in creative industries such as marketing, publishing, and design, the value of the creative process to left-brained jobs has been overlooked.

French polymath Henri Poincaré’s creative process to solve a mathematical conundrum isn’t far from that of painters capturing a landscape or copywriters driving a message. The School for Poetic Computation, which is holding its first session this fall, is a five-week intensive program that treats coding as creative writing—applying imagination to creating interfaces we use every day. Whether it’s withdrawing money from the ATM, purchasing train tickets, or the new iPhone operating system, optimal technology relies on the how easy it is to use and how engaging the design is visually.

In order to look at their equations through a new lens, those building these interfaces must tap into creative processes, like mediation or allowing the mind to wander. There are more resources than ever for coming up with new ideas and technical skills needed to excel in the technology-based corporate future, but creative breakthroughs happen serendipitously.

We know from both research and experience that the work environment can either amplify or discourage cross-brain creativity and innovation. It’s no wonder that today’s truly progressive and successful companies are devoting energy and resources to providing more uniquely favorable work environments.




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