By John Arenas | September 4, 2012

Who Wants Cake in the Breakroom?

Stephen (Freakonomics) Dubner Focuses on the Crumbs

Remember when Home Officing was supposed to be the “future of work?”   It was going to redefine work and transform the quality of our lives. But after 20 years of expectation, it hasn’t happened. Why?

Today, less than 2% of US knowledge workers report working from home full-time, and a majority, when given the option, say they would rather not. Even two recessions, which spawned countless corporate work-at-home initiatives, did not prove to be a catalyst for change, despite the potentially huge real estate cost savings to corporations.

In a recent podcast on NPR, Stephen Dubner  fails to see the cake for the crumbs while focusing on an interesting study, “Does Working From Home Work?  Evidence From a Chinese Experiment.”

There is a third way, a better way, that addresses the needs of both knowledge workers and employers, and that’s what we are doing at Serendipity Labs.   Here’s why.

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