By John Arenas | November 20, 2013

Is This a Workplace or a Playroom?

Workplace Wednesday: Model Redesign, AWeber Communications

We love that more companies are finding innovative ways to create their own corporate paradise and powerhouse.

Today, we’re highlighting AWeber Communicatons, who recently unveiled a new corporate headquarters office in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. The 71,000-square-foot space was designed meticulously to stimulate employees’ health, minds, and morale—even earning an LEED Gold certification for being environmentally conscious. Here are some of the standout points.

Consider everyone.

It’s no surprise that beanbag chairs lining the lounge areas, mobile work stations, and diverse work zones will encourage creativity and the exchange of ideas. But we’ve all experienced the way a once buzzing room comes to a halt when the boss walks in. At AWeber, the CEO sits at one of the shared work desks with other employees of all ranks. By doing so, he politely sends the message to leave your ego at the door—this is a team in which anyone, whether assistant or president of the company, has input of equal value.

Windows are only half the battle.

For all the time we spend talking about the importance of natural light, the sun is not the only means of bringing the outdoors in. Some great examples of this are AWeber’s double-story rain panel, which has a living wall of lush greenery inside the atrium; window sensory that provides shade according to the sun’s position, and a fresh-air cafe for increased ventilation and air quality.

It’s not all about fresh air and aesthetics.

The company balances its visually stimulating spaces with space for activities and play to promote a healthy mind. An entertainment lounge with Xbox, Wii, ping-pong tables, pinball, and foosball; a yoga studio; complimentary organic lunches; and reimbursed gym memberships are all a part of what makes this office so well-rounded in its pursuit of a healthy work-life balance.

Tour the rest of the space here.

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