By John Arenas

Smart and Simple Stress Reduction

Workplace Wednesday: Critical Quiet Time

A little bit of quiet goes a long way in maintaining productivity and working efficiently through the 8-hour workday. While we’re all familiar with meditation—the golden example for attaining inner-quiet time—it’s a great myth that one has to sequester himself in solitude for 15 minutes in order to reap the benefits of a mental reset (though if you can steal away for awhile, it’s worth it). By taking a few moments every couple of hours—even just once a day—to drown out your surroundings and the constant buzz, can result in caffeine-like highs and a measureable boost in productivity.

Not sure how?

Try setting a reminder. Apps like GPS for the Soul monitors stress levels, offers tips on centering the self, and alerts the user to take a deep breath and zone out for five minutes. Setting a simple smartphone alert can do the same.

What are some of the ways you tune out? Here’s a video chat from Huffington Post on the importance of quiet time for boosting focus and reducing stress.

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