By John Arenas | November 13, 2013

The Number One Factor for Workplace Wellness

 Workplace Wednesday: Good Day Sunshine

Working in a space with ample natural light is more crucial than we thought. For those who don’t know, myopia—or near-sightedness—has reached nearly endemic proportions among children in Asia over the last few years. Culprits have included reading and too much time in front of the television, but it seems there is finally one conclusive lead: Too much time indoors.

The large windows and natural light, which we tout for flooding offices with depression-decimating Vitamin D, might be equally as important to our vision. Last year, researchers from the University of Cambridge founded that each hour spent outside per week reduces a child’s chance of developing myopia by 2 percent. Outdoor lighting is about 100 times more intense than what you get inside.

Not only is it important for individuals to consider, but companies should capitalize on incorporating sunlight in their spaces and encourage employees to take breaks outside of the office. At Serendipity Labs, we offer lounge, desk, and table setups all within close proximity to large windows so members can work independently near natural light and interact with one another—meaning less time facing a computer and more time soaking up the sun.


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