Over 100 Serendipity Labs Under Development Across the Country

Phoenix, AZ

When Serendipity Labs opens in Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun will get upscale coworking to match its high-end resorts and world-class golf courses.   

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is rolling out the red carpet for Serendipity Labs, bringing upscale and flexible coworking to business professionals throughout the County.

Denver, CO

Named the 2016 Best Place to Live by U.S. News and World Reports, the pioneering city of Denver will get is first upscale coworking when Serendipity Labs opens its doors in the Spring of 2018.

Fairfield County, CT

Fairfield County will soon be home to additional Serendipity Labs locations, anchored by our Stamford Lab and within close proximity to our Westchester Rye Lab. Contact us for a tour today.  

Hartford, CT

Connecticut’s Capital City will get flexible, upscale coworking that businesses can use with assurance when Serendipity Labs opens in the “Insurance Capital of the World. 

South FL

Serendipity Labs is pleased to offer South Florida residents upscale workplace options so they can discover their new worklife. Visit our Lab now open in Aventura.   

Tampa, FL

The home port for luxurious cruise lines and a vital southeastern business hub, Tampa will appreciate the upscale coworking of Serendipity Labs. Looking for a Lab near Miami? Visit Aventura, now open.  

Orlando, FL

Orlando residents and visitors will soon have access to upscale coworking. This Lab will mark our further expansion into Florida, joining our Lab now open in Aventura.   

Atlanta, GA

With the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta needs upscale coworking that can keep up with its demands. Serendipity Labs will soon open in this modern bustling, thriving city.

Chicago, IL

Experience the benefits of upscale coworking and service in a convenient location at Serendipity Labs Chicago Loop, now open.  

Indianapolis, IN

Serendipity Labs is expanding into Indianapolis, introducing upscale coworking to the area. Choose from offices, team rooms or coworking and discover your new worklife. 

Boston, MA

Cutting edge design and state of the art technology intersect in this historic city when Serendipity Labs opens its doors and brings upscale coworking to Boston.

Bethesda, MD

Serendipity Labs has introduced upscale coworking to Bethesda, so you can refute the commute without compromising on service. Visit us at the Bethesda Lab, now open.  

Charlotte, NC

Upscale service and design come to Queen City when Serendipity Labs coworking opens its doors.  

Northern NJ

Refute the commute into Manhattan. Discover upscale flexible workspace options close to home, including Ridgewood, NJ.   

Princeton, NJ

Serendipity Labs Coworking is coming to central New Jersey with a location in Princeton, just one mile from the Princeton Junction train station.   

Buffalo, NY

Find the modern, flexible work space you have been looking for when Serendipity Labs opens in the bustling city of Buffalo New York. 

New York, NY

Coming soon to the Financial District, with all of Serendipity Labs’ services, amenities and member security in a prime downtown location. 

Westchester County, NY

Serendipity Labs corporate headquarters is also our Rye Lab, offering unmatched service in coworking, all within walking distance to the train station and downtown Rye.  

Columbus, OH

State of the art design and technology meet upscale service in this vibrant city with our newest Serendipity Labs now open in Capitol Square and the Short North neighborhood, coming soon.  

Charleston, SC

Serendipity Labs will soon be delivering southern hospitality when they open their doors in Charleston, featuring flexible workplace options so you can start your new worklife.   

Greenville, SC

Southern charm meets upscale coworking at Serendipity Labs. Discover high-touch service, flexible workplace options and modern design in this new location, opening soon.   

Nashville, TN

Find your inspiration at work in the city frequently named as best place to live. Serendipity Labs is opening a downtown Nashville location in the Annex building of the iconic L&C tower.   

Dallas, TX

Serendipity Labs is bringing upscale coworking to the Lone Star State with a location in the Arts District of Dallas, and our network continues to grow with Labs in Frisco and Fort Worth.  

Houston, TX

Your new worklife will soon be available in additional locations throughout the Houston area, including of Sugar Land, coming soon.