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The executive team at Serendipity Labs has helped its customers successfully navigate uncertainty for over 25 years and through three economic cycles. This deep experience also informs our promise to serve as an extension of the corporate workplace.

If you are looking for a coworking provider that you can trust, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Request a Consultation to discuss any clients you would like to place or relocate from their current coworking provider.

The Commission Breakdown

Initial Membership from 1 to 12 months, including relocations
Initial Membership from 13 to 24 months
Membership Expansions signed within the initial 24 months
Membership Renewals from 1 to 24 months

What Makes Serendipity Labs Different

Atlanta - Buckhead Private Office

Drop-In Worktopia™ Memberships

With Worktopia, get access to Serendipity Labs locations with no ongoing cost. Bundled day pass options with centralized billing allow your customers to optimize hybrid work strategies while controlling overhead costs.

Support mobility plans, expand into new markets and extend your clients’ real estate footprint by creating custom membership plans with our dedicated team.

Worktopia Plans

Team Suites & TeamHub™

Custom built outsourced workplaces including branding for up to 100 employees. Ask us about TeamHub, our newest solution to help you get your clients back in the office in a flexible and safe workspace, on demand.


Upscale Environments

Serendipity Labs attracts professionals from a cross-section of industries who can choose how and where they want to work. Our thoughtfully designed workplace communities feature dedicated offices and team rooms, work lounges, meeting rooms, cafes, collaboration and event spaces. A secure cloud-based infrastructure, high technical security, and personal safety standards meet corporate compliance and duty of care requirements.

Working with Serendipity Labs

The Fine Print

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  • Initial membership commission will be honored to the source which provides the initial introduction to the client. In the event two sources introduce a client within a 30 day period the source which confirms the tour will be listed as the source of record.
  • Expansion and renewal commission will be honored on the first expansion and/or renewal after the initial membership agreement and when the broker initiates and is actively involved in the renewal/expansion process. Subsequent expansions and renewals or expansion and renewals without broker involvement are not eligible for commission. Brokers are not eligible for commission on auto renewed agreements.
  • The broker of record must submit an invoice for each membership closed with Serendipity Labs. The invoice must include the opportunity ID, company name, client name, Serendipity Lab location name and address, total contract value, and commission amount.
  • Commission amount will be paid within 30 days of receipt of the invoice contingent upon the client’s initial payment with Serendipity Labs has cleared.
  • Invoices must be received within 90 days of client move in or the commission amount is void.
  • Invoices should be sent to

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