Vision & Mission

Workers now choose how they work, while companies are reinventing their real estate strategies and workplace policies to lower costs and enhance performance.

Serendipity Labs was founded with a singular vision: to provide premium, members-only workplaces with high performance meeting facilities at corporate standards.

Our mission is to build a network of inspirational workplaces, to enhance the quality of worklife of our members and their guests, through company-owned, franchised, and managed lab locations.

Flexibility. Inspiration. Worklife Balance.

Can a workplace deliver an inspirational experience? It can if it’s designed and delivered with as much intelligence and care as a Serendipity Labs.With membership plans ranging from full-time, dedicated offices, to coworking plans to occasional drop-in plans, Serendipity Labs offers productive, welcoming environments that meet the on-demand workplace needs of remote and mobile workers, telecommuters, business travelers and project teams.Our hospitality teams also deliver exceptional offsite meeting and corporate event experiences. It all comes together at Serendipity Labs: A members-only premium workplace alternative.With insightful workplace design guidance by Steelcase, Serendipity Labs members can choose the way the want to work- to connect, collaborate or focus. Private enclaves, ideation studios, lounges and work bars – just a few of the many workspaces available in every Labs location. With a level of hospitality that rivals elite hotels, Labs members also get corporate service standards in technology, security, communication, and document management.