By | October 20, 2017

Hotel Business – October 7, 2017

NATIONAL REPORT—Hotel companies are always focused on hospitality—making guests feel like they’re at home, a part of the family—but some are looking at a complimentary vertical to expand their business—coworking.

“Over the past five years, the coworking industry has grown from a hip, creative class movement for techies and millennials into a mainstream workplace option for the U.S. workforce,” said John Arenas, founder and CEO of Serendipity Labs Inc., a lifestyle hospitality company, offering premium workplace memberships, special events and work environments for members. “The workplace, like business travel, has now been consumerized with increasingly mobile employees seeking to work where and when they wish. In this very short time span, coworking has attracted billions of dollars in institutional investment into a sophisticated set of national networks.”

Source: Nicole Carlino, “Hotel companies expand to coworking spaces”, Hotel Business

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