New Office Offers Sanctuary For Rye Telecommuters

By | August 29, 2012

RYE, N.Y. – Lonely freelancers seeking office camaraderie and business people telecommuting part of their workday may find solace and inspiration in a new members-only “co-working” space coming to Rye called Serendipity Labs.

“The most trusted workers can make their own choices about how and when they work,” says John Arenas, CEO of Serendipity Labs who also lives in Rye. “Oftentimes they’re not given traditional space, so they’re working from wherever they can make it work, which can be good. But it isn’t really good all the time, everyday.”

The old Biltmore building at 80 Theodore Fremd Ave. in Rye is being repurposed into plush work areas such as “enclaves” (private offices), a work bar with stools and a work lounge that will more closely resemble a hotel lobby than a traditional cubicle-filled room. “We shudder when people call it office space,” says Arenas.

The concept of co-working space is not revolutionary. Communities such as Independents Hall in Philadelphia and Hive At 55 in lower Manhattan have been in existence for the past few years. However, they rarely exist in the suburbs. Serendipity plans to open a midtown-Manhattan office by year’s end, and its network will eventually expand from D.C. to Boston. But the company’s first location will open in Rye by the first week of October.

Source: Anna Helhoski, New Office Offers Sanctuary for Rye Telecommuters, Rye Daily Voice ( August 12, 2012)

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