By John Arenas | December 19, 2013

Airports: The New Coworking Hub?

Many Serendipity Labs members spend as much time in airports as they do in their destinations. Unless they are flying private, the airport is a hassle and a time suck. For those who fly short distances like New York to DC or Boston, the time you save by flying offsets the amount of time required to go through security and the wait at the airport. As a result, the airport has become a waiting room for travelers, who often feel like they are wasting time. Those who do set up a mini workstation are often not in a work-conducive and motivating environment.

If airports were designed strategically, they could serve as a valuable place for work and making connections with workers from cities far-flung from our own communities. Recently, Gizmodo posted an article on how to improve air travel. Coworking and retail expert Rena Tom weighed in, pointing out that airline lounges are useful but segregated and exclusive to certain airlines and certain levels of traveler. Spaces like these that are open to all, even for a fee, could be a game-changer in travel and global business.

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