By John Arenas | November 6, 2013

When is a Club Lounge Like a Café? When it’s an Office.

Workplace Wednesday: This San Francisco company walks-the-walk when it comes to its creative office space.

When the social media CRM company Lithium decided to redesigned its San Francisco headquarters, it sought a fresh look that would promote innovative ideas, collaboration, and unity among its employees. We think the finished layout is a stellar example of how an office can think outside the box to create a space that truly embodies its corporate mission.

The moveable desks and chairs paired with sliding walls create the perfect balance between privacy and openness. We also love the new idea lounge, which features picnic benches and a magenta “white board,” as a way to encourage conversation and creativity. Similarly, the banquette-style seating in the conference room creates a more relaxed and playful mood that can help take the tension out of hour-long meetings.

See the complete interiors here.

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